Malibu Ken - Acid King (Official Video)

Acid King

Malibu Ken

In ACID KING, Hand drawn 2D animation and motion capture combine together for a supremely disgusting but riveting music video.

The first video for Aesop Rock and Tobacco’s new project, Malibu Ken is is directed by frequent collaborator, Rob Shaw.

Based on the real story of the infamous Ricky Kasso Jr and the satanic LSD murders, the story unfolds focusing entirely on the face a rotting Malibu Ken doll. 

Aesop’s live performance was motion captured, tracked through Adobe Character Animator and Nuke, giving the animation a nuanced 3D effect.

Working with the incredible cover art provided by graphic artist GUNSHO, “Acid King” takes discomfort to a new level: Creating a relentless symphony of body fluids, crawling worms and rotting flesh.

 Its a face melting good time. If you can handle it.

“Acid King” is the first single from Aesop Rock and TOBACCO’s forthcoming album, “Malibu Ken,” releasing January 18, 2019! Pre-order today from iTunes, Amazon or and receive an instant digital download of “Acid King”. Malibu Ken is available on mp3, CD, and vinyl. Order now:

PRODUCER: Brianna Vitale
ART DIRECTION: James Quigley
COMPOSITOR: Cameron Carson
EDITOR: Rob Shaw
RECORD LABEL: Rhymesayers Entertainment