Orange - Missing Orange - Cyber Bullying

Missing & Cyber Bullying


Bent director Yolana Centeno shows us bullying from an unexpected angle. The situation might seem ridiculous at first, but once we’re pulled into the message it’s easy to see how hard it could be for millions of young people who struggle every day.

Yolanda Centeno describes her creative process for the Orange PSA’s

The close collaboration between Orange, their agency Comunica+a and myself was an ideal atmosphere of open-mindedness that allowed for the best creative ideas to rise to the top. We brainstormed together and because of this approach we were able to explore engaging ways of telling the stories while also keeping branded content top of mind. For me, being in sync with Communica+a and Orange was a critical part of the success of these projects.

It was exciting to work with a client who really understands what it means to capture a brand’s values without compromising story. It’s a delicate balance. The story arc, overall themes, the characters and performances all need to connect to the spirit of the brand. Together we found ways of combining those key things without being heavy handed.

Another consideration with branded content is to avoid the habit of approaching storytelling in ways that we often use in commercials. It can feel more comfortable because we have built in expectations regarding pacing. For example, we might catch ourselves worrying about a slower pace at first, then remembering it’s simply not a standard 30-second commercial. It can feel liberating on that level. Generally speaking, every story has its own pace and rhythm, and I think we found that with these films for Orange.

DIRECTOR: Yolanda Centeno